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Sleezy E.
17 August
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I live in the moment. I am an extremely good judge of character. I am a Leo with a Taurus rising, and Scorpio moon. I pace back and forth and around the room when I'm talking on the phone. I am a massive music freak - not the biggest movie buff.. I am a mature person, but there are certain childlike aspects about me that I have, and probably always will -- like I will be at McDonald's and wish I was small enough again to go play in those tubes or the balls. I like mazes, whether they be on paper - but especially real live ones (I think Sea World used to have one or something). There's two things that I wish didn't exist in this world - ignorance.. and the term 'pre-owned' I enjoy the thought of a camping trip with someone I'm real close with out in ACE - as far away from civilization as possible. I am like Mapquest incarnate. Monotony and I don't get along very well. I like to go out and dance to some Howse or Hip Hop. Progressive, Alternative Dance shit and Industrial work as well. A lot of stuff does actually, if I'm in the mood. I place a high value on my personal integrity. I try to learn as much as I can. Empathy is my greatest emotional strength. My most positive energy flows from my first Chakra. I am a very heavy sleeper. I owe money. I owe apologies. I get annoyed somewhat easily. I think and say a bunch of shit that doesn't make sense. I think and say a bunch of shit that does. I say I too much. Some acquaintances know me as a prude. Some friends refer to me as an 'undercover ho'. My funny bone can usually be tickled by sarcasm and satire.. and this is a link to my personality type description if someone is actually interested in that kind of crap (a tad boring, trust me on this). www.INTP.org/intprofile.html

seeing the x-mas lights @ Griffith Park (bleh) - Dec. '05

Jimmy Jasmine & I w/ Rocky Horror chicks @ Freak Show '02